Who is Maria Angelozzi

Hello, My name is Maria Angelozzi, I have been Marketing Online for the past 10yrs. 

I am the proud owner of Mardi Gras Mailer
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I am also a Dropshipper and sell on Ebay & Amazon.  It has been changing my life, and I can show you exactly how I am going about it and how it can in fact change yours as well! 

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I believe when you help other's succeed you will then prosper.

"In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us." Flora Edwards

Before I started Marketing Online I worked at a local hospital as an Administrative Secretary.

I had a lot of responsibility, and I dedicated myself to doing the best I could do each & everyday.

Everyday while I was at work I wondered, if I worked harder on myself then I did on my job, what would be the outcome.

 "Then I learned as quoted "if you work hard on your job, you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune."

Success is not something you pursue it is something you attract. ~~ jim rohn :)

I was fortunate enough to cross paths with a Mentor who took me by the hand and showed me what it took to succeed online.

I Believe I can say I take pride in everything I do, and consider myself to be a very active Sponsor, and or Mentor for any program I may recommend being a part of and would work  just as hard helping you succeed online, as I would for myself!

Thank you for allowing me the time to share a bit of my life. :)

Please feel free to Contact me at
if you may be looking for more information on effective places to Advertise, or for a great work at home opportunity that will generate an honest income stream.

Much Success To You ALL! 


John C. Maxwell 
 If your going to go anywhere in this business, your success will totally be determined upon your ability to bring people around you,train them, develop them and get them to reproduce with you with the same vision in mind.

But your success is going to be determined
on your ability to find, motivate, train, equip and develop other people.



Tom Munson said...

Great slide show of the parade and costumes, Maria. Looks like you have your work cut out for you and Michael every year.

Tom Munson

Jim said...

I gotta tell ya i just love a parade.
You mean to tell me that you guys made all those costumes by yourself?
I like the opening tune also. Can you tell me who made it? I want it!
Thank you very much.
i wish you guys the best on your upcoming nuptials.
Keep up the good work and stay in touch.

Jim Addis

Be a Mentor with a Servants Heart

sblackburn said...

Hi Maria -

great to see you online and working to help others.

Network and Internet Marketing are such a great fit together.


Daryl Saari said...

I believe the GBG liquid multivitamin is a great product that offers a lot of value, plus at a very low cost rate. Thanks!

Daryl Saari

Donna said...

Hello How Are You Today?
I Found You on a post from Maverick Money Makers I just joined yesterday

just wondering if you can supply any tips or tricks definatly alot of info on the site im still learning tho
you can email me at

hopefully 2009 will be a good year for cash!

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I just want to say thanks for visiting my blog. Your encouragement means a lot to me. I won't give up so easily. This is for real!

All The Best

jpule4spider said...

hello...Just tired of all the ups and downs of whether Mack Michaels really helps people or not. One minute I have my cc out ready to pay but then I do more research and...well, I put it back... PLEASE HELP.

Ju said...
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Steve said...

Very nice you are one very sexy lady.


MdmDragonfly said...

Nice to meet you on SWOM! Looking forward to networking with you!

You're my first Shout Out :)

J Glenn Lowe said...

Thanks for the connection Maria - See you in Cyberspace

Ms.Pamela Williamson said...

Maria,you sound like the woman i need mentoring me,I have a online business and visitors to it but know body seems to be buying anything.I seen your profile and loved it very much and hopefully you can help me may e-mail me at

Abdusattar said...

Hi Maria,

I've just come from Swom to see your blog. Very nice page, complies with its name, all about you and your business. Good luck to you.

jvtur said...

Great Place to Live and Travel.
Nice Job Maria,Bravo!!!

zawawi bahrom said...

hi you have very nice blog

Alex Agase said...

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Jane Marsh said...

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Maria Angelozzi said...

Thank you very much Jane. 😏

smith clark said...

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Blogger said...

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